Fresh Pasties Made Every Day
Working closely with our local suppliers, we pride ourselves on only using specially selected quality produce. Our pastry, meat and potatoes are prepared on the premises daily so we can provide our customers with products of the utmost quality and flavour.
Welcome to Crib Box Cornish Pasties

Here at Crib Box, we have been making Cornish Pasties for over 20 years. We only use the freshest ingredients from local traders to give you the best pasty possible! Please have a look around the site where you will find out more about our products and what a Cornish pasty is. If you are feeling peckish after looking at our website, you can fix that by popping in and seeing us!

Some Of Our Ingredients

We use only the highest grade Saffron in our products. Our Saffron comes from one of the oldest producers in Spain, Safinter. Since 1912, the Gonzalez family has sold top-grade saffron from the La Mancha region in a city called Albacete. Safinter scrupulously controls all the processes involved in procuring every strand from harvesting the very fragile seasonal purple flowers to extracting the bloom's stigmas by hand.

Fact: It takes 160,000 flowers to produce 1 kg. We use almost a whole gram to make just eighteen of our Saffron Buns.

At Crib Box, we us Estima or Marfona grown by the Dustow family at Colwith Farm near Lanlivery.

We dice thick rump skirt for our pasties which is supplied by R & J Trevarthen from Penryn. They also supply the minced pork with which we make the filling for our delicious sausage rolls.

The Traditional Cornish Pasty

What makes a pasty Cornish you might ask? Well, you can't just put anything into a pasty and call it Cornish. To be a genuine Cornish pasty you have to adhere to some guidelines. Here at Crib Box we have always exceeded these guidelines and always will!

First of all there is the filling. It has to have certain ingredients in to make make it Cornish. No more ingredients, no less. Here is what is involved:

  • The filling has to consist of at least 12.5% roughly diced or minced beef. (We put in a lot more for you!)
  • Along with at least 25% vegetables. (Again, we put more in! Our pasties are stuffed full!)
  • Sliced or diced potato
  • Swede (turnip)
  • Onion
  • Seasoning to taste (salt & pepper)

All the ingredients must be uncooked when the pasty is assembled and then slowly baked to develop that famous Cornish pasty taste and succulence.

The pastry has to be savoury and able to withstand baking and handling without breaking. Remember, pasties went down the mines, out to sea and across the fields, so they had to be strong yet melt in the mouth! The pasties can be glazed with egg, or milk, or both, to give the finished pasty its fabulous golden colour. We use a mixture of both on our delights.

Onto the crimp! Once assembled, the pasties are crimped to the side to seal all the ingredients in. To make it Cornish the crimp has to be on the side.

As for location, the pasty has to be made west of the Tamar in, you guessed it, Cornwall! Where else could you make a Cornish pasty?